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An old fashioned Christmas at home

We took some time to spend with our family over the holiday season and enjoyed an old fashioned Christmas at the chapel and in our new home.  2012 has been full of change for us with an incredibly busy photography season, a move, renovations, and many new beginnings.  We are so thankful for the support of our family and friends and we’re looking forward to a wonderful and exciting 2013!

Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year!

Something old

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed,

Something Blue and a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe.”

We did some antique shop browsing at Granny ‘n Grumpa’s and spent hours looking through these vintage treasures.

shannon - wonder oil?? that looks scary..
beautiful pics

Rose Dykstra - I love old things. I remember as a little girl my mom would make us stop at all the antique stores en route to Osyoos. It helped feed my obsession with the Little House on the Prairie so I went along with it!

ceci - beautiful!!! great eye Ely!

Happy New Year + Paris

We are looking forward to a great year (and a busy one!) and to photographing some amazing weddings!  One of the highlights of 2010 was our month-long trip to Italy and Paris.  We took thousands of photos; so many we haven’t had the chance to go through them all yet.  We’re planning on posting some of the highlights over the next few weeks but for now here’s a few to start off.  If you’re ever in Paris DON’T MISS this little bookstore full to the brim with new and used books (in English), and nooks and crannies for cozying up with a good book.

But first, thank you to all our couples of 2010.  May your first year together be better than you ever imagined

Lisa and Curtis, Stephanie and Nathan, Lloyd and Anoek, Terri and David, Alissa and Peter, Tanya and Jason, Stephanie and Frank, Jen and Jose, Katie and Mic, Tanya and Fred, Catrina and Jan, Ashley and Kyle, Khaylie and Randy,  Alicia and Rob, Matthew and Amanda, Shannon and Rob, Kristalynn and Trevor, Martine and Brett, Barb and Michael, Brenda and Marty, Laura and Randy, Jen and Blair, Brittany and Steve, Amy and Todd,  Willem and Bertine, Lance and Shannon, Pierre and Elise, Cliff and Jana, Shawn and Laura, Katherine and Rob,Shad and Gina, Jessica and Mike, Amber and Andrew, Jody and Ryan, Brittnee and Matt, Christy and Chris, Cheryl and Gordon,  Lauralee and Mitch, Amber and James, Paula and Chris, Rosalin and Peter, Katelyn and Phil, Alissa and Jake, Matt and Amber, Heather and Ian, Courtney and Mike, Jeanine and Ryan, Kim and Kevin, Larissa and Renee, Sheri and Mike, Josh and Jackie, Jennie and Dave, Mishauna and Kevin, Laura and Kevin, Nicole and Nick, Shannen and Vincent.

Rose Dykstra - I’ve been there! It’s so cool and I’d love to go back…it was such a long time ago….

Alyssa Schroeder - I love the stack of books alongside the staircase. I so want to go there!

ceci - awesome .. would love to spend an afternoon or 30 in there with some great coffee and chocolate.. 🙂

Regina from Tango :) - Very Cool – where in Italy did ye go ?

whitealbum - Hi Regina! We went all over. Here’s Venice, and the Amalfi coast and Cinque Terre I haven’t had a chance to put up photos of Rome, Matera, Florence, Tuscany or the rest of our Paris photos!

Kiss me, quickly!

I was looking through some old family photos and found this one of my grandparents on their wedding day in 1941.

This is their story.

They were engaged when my grandmother Lorna was 28 years old, and grandpa Andy was 30.  Grandma and grandpa had been good friends for 9 years when grandpa was offered a job, work was to start in just two weeks and one of the requirements was that he had to be married.  He went straight to my grandma’s house and announced to her his plan for the two of them to get married.  After a moment, grandma said yes.

Throughout their marriage they were inseparable. Grandma never learned to drive, they went everywhere together until my grandma’s death in 2001.  Grandpa died three years later and every day he missed my grandma terribly.  I remember for years they had an aged newspaper clipping taped to their bedroom mirror “ Kiss me,  quickly!  At our age every moment counts”, and that clipping completely defined their marriage.  They loved each other dearly for the 63 years they were together.  They lived a life full of adventure living in three different countries.  They raised 3 children, and had 11 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren at last count.  Every time I look at this photo of them I can’t help but smile…and miss them.Bonsil William (Andy)  Anderson (1912-2004)

Lorna Whitelaw (1915-2001)

That is my mom as a baby in this photo.  The cat in the photo was given to them as a kitten on their wedding day.


Carie Hunt - Such a beautiful post!

Nick - 🙂 That’s somewhat romantic I think 😉

Audrey McKinnon - That last picture is how I remember them. So cute. Grandpa was so loyal.