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Seven years ago today was our own wedding day.  Every day since has been an adventure and today we celebrate just how lucky we are to have found a lifelong friend in each other.

A year ago we traded places and got in front of the lens.  These are some of the photos from our Beloved session with Morgaine Owens of Pure Light Studio.  Thank you Morgaine for these beautiful, beautiful images of us.

My Beloved Is Mine (You’re Mine)

My Beloved is mine
My Beloved is mine…My Beloved spoke to me
My fair one come away
It’s time to sing a love song
My fair one come awayMy Beloved is mine
My Beloved is mine…Oh My love in the secret place
Let Me see your face
Let Me hear your voice today
Let Me see your faceMy Beloved is mine
My Beloved is mine
Lyrics by Ray Watson


Cathy Empey - Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple! Cheers to many, many more happy years ahead!

fran - happy anniversary!!

morgaine - can i claim the both of you for my Beloveds? your charm is infinite, and makes me happy. so, so lucky to know you. happy anniversary… may you have a long string of first kisses, quiet blissful moments and loud bouts of belly laughter ahead of you.

Rose Heppner - Happy Anniversary to two lovely people and photographers. I wish you a very happy and prosperous future. I’ve loved following all your work over the years, and your photos are phenomenal.

whitealbum - thanks so much for your comments!
love, mark + el

white album - morgaine, you never fail to make us smile. both of us! thank you, thank you for our perfect images, and always, thank you for your kindness.

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