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masset – our trip

We just reposted B + T’s love story in Masset this summer.  See the full post here. Here are some of our personal photographs from the trip.  This random group of photos have the immense power to make us always feel good and bring back memories of an unforgettable adventure to a small town at the end of the road in the Queen Charlotte Islands.  If you ever go there you have to visit The Trout House for a meal, or just for coffee, or breakfast, or…any excuse will do.  Try out the cinnamon rolls on the way to the Blow Hole and, whatever you do, take the side roads.0094MASSETblog0089MASSETblog 0093MASSETblog0103MASSETblog 0101MASSETblog0105MASSETblog 0091MASSETblogus 9000100MASSETblog0092MASSETblog 0106MASSETblog 0090MASSETblog 0078MASSETblog0076MASSETblog 0074MASSETblogtextures 20075MASSETblog 0081MASSETblog 0072MASSETblog 0013MASSETblog0008MASSETblog0014MASSETblog0044MASSETblog 0110MASSETblog 0108MASSETblog 0068MASSETblog0069MASSETblogtextures 1

tina macphail - Elizabeth, Truly inspiring photos. Makes me want to visit….I’d say that means you have achieved your goal of making these locations come to life through the lens.

Carol Kerfoot - Thank you Elizabeth for the comment on my blog 🙂

These images are beautiful!

Blanche - Mark and Liz,
Awesome job, as per usual!
I LIVE here, and these still make my heart happy! I’m glad you had a chance to come and visit. I can’t wait to see all the rest of the pics one day.
I’ve shared the link with my friends, and the love the photos as well.

Jennifer Rodriguez-Cruz - Was just browsing through your blog, guys- love the texture shots in this post. And I love the sixth set up from the bottom of the misty tree and the walkway- breathtaking!

admin - thanks ladies! makes me daydream of summer days…

For the Art of it! » ADORE studio - […] theme and the condo was decorated with large canvases and prints of  images from our trips to Masset (see the blog posts HERE and HERE) and Ucluelet (HERE).  We really do live in a beautiful […]