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Kiss me, quickly!

I was looking through some old family photos and found this one of my grandparents on their wedding day in 1941.

This is their story.

They were engaged when my grandmother Lorna was 28 years old, and grandpa Andy was 30.  Grandma and grandpa had been good friends for 9 years when grandpa was offered a job, work was to start in just two weeks and one of the requirements was that he had to be married.  He went straight to my grandma’s house and announced to her his plan for the two of them to get married.  After a moment, grandma said yes.

Throughout their marriage they were inseparable. Grandma never learned to drive, they went everywhere together until my grandma’s death in 2001.  Grandpa died three years later and every day he missed my grandma terribly.  I remember for years they had an aged newspaper clipping taped to their bedroom mirror “ Kiss me,  quickly!  At our age every moment counts”, and that clipping completely defined their marriage.  They loved each other dearly for the 63 years they were together.  They lived a life full of adventure living in three different countries.  They raised 3 children, and had 11 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren at last count.  Every time I look at this photo of them I can’t help but smile…and miss them.Bonsil William (Andy)  Anderson (1912-2004)

Lorna Whitelaw (1915-2001)

That is my mom as a baby in this photo.  The cat in the photo was given to them as a kitten on their wedding day.


Carie Hunt - Such a beautiful post!

Nick - 🙂 That’s somewhat romantic I think 😉

Audrey McKinnon - That last picture is how I remember them. So cute. Grandpa was so loyal.