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Birthdays, Spring Break, Rock Climbing, a Wedding, and Kittens . . .

here’s a ton of photos of the kids + family lately.

morning time with griffin.


and here he is with julian.  he loves his big cousin.


for julian’s birthday we went rock climbing.  river and summer came too.


these two got married.


rehearsing for the big day.


some photos by us and some thanks to @by Jacqueline.  there are tons more photos of the wedding : (click here).

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ruby surprised us with six tiny kittens.


earlier in the year we took a trip to 100 mile so we got to see shannon and chayse too.

FAMILY-2016 a

and taze came and we got to meet ayaan for the first time.


and then kinsey + mia came over for spring break.


poor willow was sick.


but then she felt better.


river being goofy.


we made coloured easter eggs.


river and summer’s birthday party with the family.  great granny jan came to visit.


a visit to granville island.


a rainy day.


the kittens are exploring around now.


and summer wanted a yoga party.  it was crazy and fun.



kids lying down bw_WEB

trying to get everyone in one shot.



Jen Kessler - Love!! 🙂

Linda Wilde - Whole lot of Love in all these pictures……nothing like pure joy on the faces of your grandchildren in the precence of each of you. Great captures of your family Elizabeth and Mark…:)

Michelle Gemmel - Wow! What a post. The year is off to an amazing start!

Michelle Gemmel - Wow! What an amazing post! 2016 is off to a great start!

Tiffany Glasco - Awe, you two look overwhelmed with joy from all your grandkids. You can see the joy in all of your faces. One can’t help but smile when looking through your beautiful pictures.

Carla Alpaugh - Omg those are all so wonderful. Love seeing them.

Michelle Horsman - Just love them all! You are truly amazing at capturing the everyday so beautifully!!

Jessica Martinez - You have a beautiful family! 🙂 Great shots!!

Christmas at our House | family 2014

//i really like christmas//

it’s sentimental I know but i really like it//

Our ugly sweater party and a visit at mom’s (grandma, great-grandma)…

Mira Sandor - wow !!! beautiful family !! Can’t imagine entertaining such a huge bunch though 🙂 I guess I am getting old 🙂