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Let’s be Adventurers | Our 1974 Boler Restoration


 Putting the finishing touches on before heading off on another adventureaugust twenty two 2015 tired and excited to be finally leaving. putting the finishing touches on before heading off on another adventure.


august one 2015 i’ve been saying there’s still five weeks until we leave on our road trip across canada and suddenly we look at the calendar and there’s only three weeks left! the boler’s at the “boler hospital” getting new wheels, some fiberglass work and a new paint job (no more camo!). so much to do and our busiest wedding month too!  we have worked on the interior for hours and hours but from the outside you’d never know it yet.


may to august 2015 the reno.



boler reno continued… the interior needed work. a lot of work!



september 30 2014  just brought him home. yes, he’s ugly and his name is rambo but we’ll get him prettied up soon enough. ‪#‎bigproject‬ ‪#‎dayone‬ ‪#‎adventure‬ ‪#‎roadtrip‬ ‪#‎boler‬ ‪#‎reno‬ ‪#‎rambo‬


september 20 2014 i’m finally getting the little boler i’ve been talking about getting forever. mine doesn’t look this cute. yet! somebody thought painting it in camouflage would look good so paint to start with. i’m going to have so much fun renoing this! (el)


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Alice McKinnon - One would never believe this Boler is the same one after you got finished with it. Great job!

Christmas at our House | family 2014

//i really like christmas//

it’s sentimental I know but i really like it//

Our ugly sweater party and a visit at mom’s (grandma, great-grandma)…

Mira Sandor - wow !!! beautiful family !! Can’t imagine entertaining such a huge bunch though 🙂 I guess I am getting old 🙂

A merry little Christmas 2013

Visit our website: The Chapel at White Album Weddings

Mark Kowal - that’s just the way we roll

Susannah Anderson - Very nice! Who got the Old Guys Rule shirt?

Louanne Mah - I love all your pictures! Thanks for sharing…especially the ones of the kids and presents. I was going to ask about the t-shirt too. 🙂

Sarai Guzman - Chicos ustedes sí que saben divertirse!!!
Gracias a Dios por su vida y por su hermosa familia 😀
Todos ustedes tienen un lugar especial en nuestro corazón ❤️
We ❤️ U!!!

Jenny Getsinger - Where did you get the socks, finally?

Betty Worthy - lovely… in every way

Angela Bernaldez - love the snow scene-great album!