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Christmas at our House | family 2014

//i really like christmas//

it’s sentimental I know but i really like it//

Our ugly sweater party and a visit at mom’s (grandma, great-grandma)…

Mira Sandor - wow !!! beautiful family !! Can’t imagine entertaining such a huge bunch though 🙂 I guess I am getting old 🙂

A merry little Christmas 2013

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Mark Kowal - that’s just the way we roll

Susannah Anderson - Very nice! Who got the Old Guys Rule shirt?

Louanne Mah - I love all your pictures! Thanks for sharing…especially the ones of the kids and presents. I was going to ask about the t-shirt too. 🙂

Sarai Guzman - Chicos ustedes sí que saben divertirse!!!
Gracias a Dios por su vida y por su hermosa familia 😀
Todos ustedes tienen un lugar especial en nuestro corazón ❤️
We ❤️ U!!!

Jenny Getsinger - Where did you get the socks, finally?

Betty Worthy - lovely… in every way

Angela Bernaldez - love the snow scene-great album!